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Music Psychotherapy 

Music psychotherapy is the use of music-based interventions within a individual-facilitator relationship to support the individual’s emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual growth and healing. Participants do not need to have experience in music education or instrument playing to participate. 

For some individuals, music psychotherapy may be more effective than counselling because creative arts interventions are often less invasive, and bridges the conscious and unconscious mind.

Creative interventions focuses on the music-making process which allows the person to discover new insights within, and meaning that might not be achieved through talk therapy.

Each session takes approximately 90 minutes. There is a natural flow of session components so that the whole session is experienced as a complete cycle that ebbs and flows according to the individual's needs.  

How does a typical session look like? (90mins)

  • Preliminary Conversation - Opening conversation, client and therapist find a therapeutic focus for the session

  • Induction - Relaxation induction, where the therapist guides the client through a short relaxation experience

  • Active Music Listening - The music-imagery experience involves the therapist playing a specifically designed program of classical music and the client imaging to the music. During the music listening, the therapist dialogues with the client, supporting and encouraging the client’s spontaneous imaging to the music. This process continues until the music program ends usually around 30 minutes.

  • Post Session Integration - Return and post-talk where the therapist helps the client bring closure to the imagery experience, and return to an alert state of consciousness.

A series of 8 sessions can be tailored for individuals who seek a deeper experience through music. Supportive music and imagery experiences may seek to empower one with inner resources, building resilience and mental clarity. Once-off sampler sessions are available as well.